No Cold Eyes In Paris Tonight

no cold eyes in paris tonight av hakonzen

No cold eyes in Paris tonight

(Hommage to Dexter Gordon, in Round Midnight)

Okra bedsheets
spreads the king size
Me, hoovering above
all to oversized for me,
just a joker with
a mezzy tune

Ten square feet of
crummy wallpaper
and worn out curtains
It`s not my tunes
I just lend them

Oh, yes I´m tired
Could need a new reed,
a Rico number three
but they`re always paying
the wrong people in the world

It´s a long time before
there´s light again,
I got the horn ready
just waiting for the
crowds to gather,
man, isn´t the circus over yet?

You ougth to be here
you know, tonight,
if only as a ghost
You, Me and Paris again!
How many times
did you sleep it out
on my couch?

Even the most beautyful things
can be painful,
especially the beautiful
Oh, the moments we had
the walks and the talks,
seconds of true sharing,
honesty between men alike

You said the tree inside of me
is growing naturally as long as
I keep to breath

I can play all the colour tunes
when I´m in the blue,
have to stay down
to get up to you